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Lithium Titanate Battery LTO Cell 60Ah 2.3V 138Wh

LTO™ 60Ah 2.3V Lithium Titanate Battery Cells, marked by 20000cycles super longer life and 360A high Continuous Load Current, are preferable storage energy for solar system, EV, UPS, Residential Energy Storage.  100% precise cell grouping of voltage, capacity, resistance enable the high consistency and lower energy consumption for assembly. Furthermore, -40°C~75°C operating temperature broke through the environmental limitations.  

Lithium Titanate Battery Cell 60Ah 2.3V Details

Battery Model
Voltage @ Capacity
2.3V @ 60Ah
13 x 255 x 260 (mm)

Max. Operating Voltage Range

1.5V to 2.8V

Standard Charge Current (Amp)

60A (1C)
Fast Charge Current (Amp)
360A (6C)
Standard Discharge Current (Amp)
60Ah (1C)

Maximum Discharge Current (Amp)

360A (6C)
Charge Temperature Range
0°C to +60°C
Discharge Temperature Range
-40°C to +75°C
Weight (g)


LTO™ Lithium Titanate Battery Cell Advantages

FEATURE Lithium Titanate LTO Battery Cells Other Lithium Battery Cells
Safety No Fire, No Explosion by ensured the safest & advanced material-lithium titanate oxide and LTO™ exclusive explosion-proof design Swell, short circuit resulting in the risk of explosion and fire
Battery Life Extended More than 20000cycles, More cost-effective 300~500cycles, frequent replacement
Operating Temperature -35⁰C to 80⁰C (eliminate the risk of thermal runaway) 0⁰C to 55⁰C (need assemble additional thermal detection)
Fast Charge Rate Recharge full capacity within few minutes using high rate 2C~5C safely 0.5C~1C
Discharge Current High effective up to 10C~20C, sufficient energy for energy storage need 1C
Self-Discharge 2% per month and no degradation of capacity even in long term sleep model 20% per month and have damage of capacity in long term storage
Consistency High consistency in capacity, voltage, internal resistance and easy to scale lithium titanate battery packs or module Need to be carefully selected for packs or module and Frequent maintenance
Environmental Durability for more environmentally friendly Disposal large quantities of useless battery because of its short cycles

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